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2017 Ft Worth Livestock Show

Reserve Supreme Gilt &

Champion Berkshire

Numerous Overall Jackpot winner and Breed Champion, Texas Jackpot Circuit


Shown by Ashlyn Summers

Raised by Knauth

2017 Champion York, Erath County

Shown by Taegan Bottelberghe

Raised by HL Showpigs

3rd place Poland Barrow

Shown by Brandon Perkins

Raised by RL

2017 San Angelo CTBR, Star Gilt Show

First Place, High Selling Berkshire

Shown by Ashlyn Summers

Raised by RL

Reserve Overall Market Hog

Hill County

Shown by Payton Ownbey

Raised by Marek Showpigs

Champion Breeding Gilt

Hill County

Showed by Sawyer Ownbey

Raised by Loof


Highest Selling Chester Boar @ Southwest Type Conference, Belton TX

Raised by Reeves Livestock

Purchased by Premium Blend Genetics

2017 Houston Livestock Show

Grand Supreme Gilt & Champion Berk

Show by Ashlyn Summers

Raised by Reeves Livestock

2017 Houston, Reserve Berk Gilt

Shown by Brianna Coleman

Raised by Reeves Livestock

Houston Livestock Show

5th Place Poland Barrow

Shown by Sawyer Ownbey

Houston Livestock Show

8th Place, Sale making, Poland Barrow

Shown by Easton Rushing

Houston Livestock show, 3rd Place , Sale making, York Barrow

Shown by Maddison Pickett

Champion Market Hog

Smith County

Show by Easton Rushing

2nd Place Cross Gilt @ 2017 World Pork Expo

Shown by the Savannah Keel

Champion Berkshire @ North Texas State Fair

Shown By Ashlyn Summers

Champion Poland Gilt State Fair of Texas PAN AM

Shown by Taegan Bottelberghe

Champion Poland Gilt @ State Fair of TX, Jr Show

Shown by Ashlyn Summers

2nd place, Sale making, and Texas Bred Champion, Dark OPB Barrow @ Texas State Fair

Shown by Ashlyn Summers

6th place Duroc Barrow @ State Fair of TX

Shown by Taegan Bottelberghe

Raised by Jeff England

Placed by RL

Champion Light OPB @ Heart O' Texas Fair

Shown by Payton Ownbey

Raised by Armstrong

Placed by RL

Sale Making Barrow @ the Louisiana State Fair

Shown by McKenzie Phillips

Champion Berkshire @ Shine On Spectacular

Shown by Blake Beste

Champion Berk @ Belt Buckle Bonanza

Numerous breed Champion

Shown by Kamlyn Thomas

3rd place Poland Gilt at World Pork Expo


Champion Dark OPB Belt Buckle Bonanza


Champion Dark OPB all 4 rings of the TAMU Saddle and Sirloin


Numerous Breed Champion in

Texas Jackpot Ciruit

Bred by Guthry Vroegh

Placed by RL

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